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"We are builders, creators, fabricators, and manufacturers
who get satisfaction from building something good."
 Experience MATTERS when you buy a product...
Republic Brand.  American Made.  Texas Tough.

Our passion has and always will be to create long lasting, durable, high-quality made in the USA products that adhere to the strictest quality control standards and guidelines.


In 2004, an idea for military vehicle occupant safety became a reality and BMI Defense Systems was formed by a Texas couple. Our mission was to listen to our warfighters and address their safety needs with better seating and restraint systems. Our reputation grew and we began manufacturing safety equipment and attachments for military vehicles being used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The company grew quickly and our capabilities expanded.  

The creation of Republic Brand and brings this passion, knowledge and expertise to the sportsman and outdoor recreation markets. The standards for military grade production, which include incorporating mainly made in the USA materials, are applied to Republic Brand products.  This is how we confidently say our products are built to last.  We don't send our military men and women to war with cheap junk and so you won't receive cheap junk either.




The American Laborer  

We Believe in the American Laborer


We believe in the American workforce - their ingenuity and creativity.  We also believe in a fair paycheck.  That is a huge reason why overseas made products can hands down undercut our prices.  We definitely are not the cheapest product but you will also know that your product is made by a hard-working US citizen.


Where We Started 


You see, we cut our teeth on serious military equipment.  We opened our small sewing shop in 2005 when a friend asked us to make him a gunner’s restraint to keep him safe while he rode around the mean streets of Baghdad and Anbar Province. From there it grew into vehicle armor systems and other “critical lifesaving devices” and by the time things started to slow down, we had grown from 7 people to nearly 130 employees.


What We Offer 


If you’re looking for the cheapest product on the market, you’ve come to the wrong place.  But if you’re looking for a quality, American made product that will stand the test of time, you’ve found it.

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